Bluegrass Parkway remains faithful to the 1940s by playing to a single microphone and incorporating strong three and four part harmonies. Whether it be the traditional sounds of Monroe and the Stanley Brothers or material closer to the 'cutting edge', Bluegrass Parkway will thrill you with great picking, strong harmonies and fancy footwork!

Capturing the magic of the golden years of bluegrass

What has helped set the band apart from many others is the priority they have placed upon presenting Bluegrass music in its most authentic form. Bluegrass Parkway has just celebrated its 37th anniversary and since the early part of 1994, they have performed around a single microphone, as was the norm for the pioneers of the genre in the 1940s.

At any Bluegrass Parkway performance the audience can enjoy a taste of bluegrass music 1940s style.

Australia’s most highly credentialed and experienced bluegrass band.

Our albums have been widely appreciated by bluegrass lovers across the globe. Check them out  and get lost in the world of Bluegrass Parkway!

We also cater to private events such as weddings, corporate events, and parties. Contact us to add a touch of soulful music to your special occasion!

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